• Corrugated Roofing Sheet to Gambia

    Corrugated Roofing Sheet to Gambia

    Corrugated Roofing Sheet Size: 0.14x900x3000 0.4x1050x5750 Destination Port: Banjul  Port, Gambia Application: Used to Workshop ,warehouse and for roof and wall in sample building.
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  • Galvanized Coil to Georgia

    Galvanized Coil to Georgia

    Pre Painted Galvanized Steel Coil  Size:0.25x1000xC0. 28x1000xC0. 35x900xC0. 5x1000xC Destination Port: POTI Port, Georgia Application: Used to Workshop, warehouse corrugated roof, roller shutter door
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  • Greenhouse Pipe to Korea

    Greenhouse Pipe to Korea

    Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Pipe Size:1 1/4 inch*2.0*5800mm      1 inch*2.0*5800mm       3/4 inch*2.0*5800mm      1/2 inch*2.0*5800mm Destination port: Busan Port, Korea Application: Used as greenhouse pipe.
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  • Workshop to Argentina

    Workshop to Argentina

    Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Pipe Size:3 inch*3.25*6000mm 2 1/2 inch*3.0*6000mm 2 inch*2.5*6000mm 1 1/2 inch*2.5*6000mm 3/4 inch*2.25*6000mm 1/2 inch*2.25*6000mm Destination port: Buenos Aires Port, Argentina Application: Used to build workshop.
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  • Windowing Greenhouse to America

    Windowing Greenhouse to America

    Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Pipe Size:50*50*2.0*6000mm 40*40*2.0*6000mm 25*25*2.0*6000mm 2 inch*2.5*6000mm 1 1/2 inch*2.5*6000mm 1 inch*2.0*6000mm 3/4 inch*2.0*6000mm 1/2 inch*2.0*6000mm Destination port: Los Angeles Port, USA Application: Used as windowing greenhouse system.
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  • Public Accommodation to UAE

    Public Accommodation to UAE

    Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Pipe Size:3 inch*3.0*6000mm 2 1/2 inch*3.0*6000mm 50*50*2.0*6000mm Destination port: Jebel Ali Port, UAE Application: Used as construction pipe.
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  • Scaffolding Pipe to England

    Scaffolding Pipe to England

    Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Pipe Size:48.3*3.2*5800mm 60.3*3.2*5800mm Destination port: Southampton Port, England Application: Used as scaffolding pipe.
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  • Fire Pipeline to Nigeria

    Fire Pipeline to Nigeria

    HDG Pipe with Plastic Coating Size: 88.5*5.0*6000mm 60*4.5*6000mm 48.5*4.0*6000mm 42*4.0*6000mm 33.5*4.0*6000mm 26.5*3.2*6000mm Destination port: Apapa Application: Used as Fire Pipeline.
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  • Building Panels to Canada

    Building Panels to Canada

    Hot Rolled Hollow Section Size: 101.6*101.6*3.81*5850mm 101.6*50.8*3.18*5850mm Destination port: Vancouver Port, Canada Application: Used as steel prop to support the cargo, and also used in the construction.
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